About Trees

Produced by Dean Jones, Trees is by turns informative, wistful, and absurd. From free-range anthems to straight-up love songs to tunes that are somehow both hip-shaking and scientific, Trees offers a fresh perspective on everybody's favorite ubiquitous woody plants.

Praise for Trees

“Go deep into the woods this spring...the perfect soundtrack for the season.”

“The musical equivalent of a ramble through the woods where every path leads somewhere fun.”

“You're unlikely to hear a more joyful celebration of the natural world, and our relation to it, this year.”

“Feels like I just took a walk down a beautiful forest path and a tree stole a barky kiss while I wasn't looking...”

“‘Count Your Rings’ keeps making me cry really hard. I don't know what the deal is.”

“This CD shines with the wit and musical excellence its creators have brought to their individual projects.”

“It's equal parts hilarious and gorgeous.”

“Great songs abound.”

“Oh my god, I love this.”